Who' s The MC

Chorus- Who' sThe MC, Styles MC x 4
S T Y L E S M C x 4

Verse 1

- Who keeps the block rocking, the machine guns cocking
The haters cock blocking and all the gals shocking
It' s Styles MC oh what you ain' t heard of me
Let me just give these clowns here the third degree
What cave you been hiding in, chillin' with Bin Laden
But round here looks like I'm the killer assassin
It's evil the mics I keep mashing
The parties i keep crashing hotels I keep trashing
Checks I keep crashing, don' t even talk about my fashion
Designer to Styles wear man, I don't even care
Truth is I look good in whatever I wear
Hits the streets and ladies just seem to stare
Undressing with their eyes man I feel so bare
I look so smooth man how can you compare
You can' t really and it ain' t even really fair
My boy, that' s just the shape of a pear

Chorus- x 1

Verse 2

- When I step up on the scene
All I see is haters mad green, with envy
Probably wanna see the end of me
Cause ain' t no tellin' see, who your real friends be
In your eye he will look, robbing you blind like a crook
But it ain't about what you took, bout what i' m taking
Records that I' m braking, hits that I'm making
MC' s I' m forsaking, chips that i'm raking
Brownies that I'm baking, i' m taking the whole cake n'
Bringin' home the bacon, it's a giant awakening
Lyrical genius in the making
Ain' tno assimilating, lucky if I'm affiliaiting
With any of your crew, your still young n this nigga crew
your still small time and this nigga blew
This isn' t just a single I got another two
And when I dropped the whole world flew

Chorus- x 1

Verse 3

- Large crowds i' ll rock it, music charts I' ll top it
Money, cloths, hoes ya i gotta cope it
Heat the mic up and never drop it
in economics, I'd be called profit, got it.
if not go get it before you lost it
It' s over here bra you know who the boss is
And from here on I' m taking no nonsense
My poor state is beginning to play on my conscience
Voices telling me to go, others saying to wait
Some say it out of love, others say it out of hate
But I got no fish man and plenty of bait
As far as i'm concerned there' s nothing to debate
It' s time Styles came and set the record straight
Just wait, it ain' t nothing but fate
Styles MC just switched on the hot plate
Only question is for which mate

Chorus- x 1

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