We On The Game

            Chorus-            On the road to maintain sum pepo keep it insane,
                                    It' s a shame how they came there so lame
                                    -           We On The Game
                                    Rolling on the same plan my own name
                                    Gotta take all I claim n' keep searching for the fame
                                    -           We On The Game

Verse 1

            -           When I get up on the mic, I be kickin' it n' keepin' it tight
                        So don' t worry bout a thing, everything is alright
                        Despite what critics say, I' m gonna do it my way
                        I run the day n' it' s gonna be my play
                        I stack the tray n' I' m serving all the ladies
                        And holding up cars from Golfs to Mercedes
                        Throw in sum beamers to piss off the sceamers
                        You can' t play ball n' you' ll always be dreamers
            -           (So what you wanna do, wanna start shit
                        I' ll break you down, a bit for bit
                        Ain' t got no time for losers, air abusers
                        And your excuses only make you sound useless
                        Only make a brother like me rhyme more profusely
                        Only makes me wanna score more than I usually
                        Coming at you with anger and scorn
                        Make you wish Styles MC had never been born)

            Chorus-            x 2

Verse 2

            -           So, now it' s Styles MC, hope you got yourself a plan
                        In this world your either a critic or a fan
                        But be warned, there' s nothing killin' this man to try is silly my man
                        That' s why my next trip' s gonna be to Afghanistan
                        I' m so slick, that' s how I drop it for all my fans
                        Making mad tunes is like my only stance
                        On a mission to make the girls jump and prance
                        Going against the beat, you don' t stand a chance
            -           Your sound system' s pants and the girls can' t dance
                        And thats why everybody' s listening to Trance
                        But see my flow is dynamite kid outta sight
                        Bringing crazy Styles from the left to the right
                        Of the globe, my flow flashes bright like a strode
                        Causing epileptic fits you' ve been told
                        with incredible side step you' ve been sold
                        Unstoppable the swing you' ve been bowled
            Chorus-            x 2

Verse 3

            -           You can say I let this rap thing get the best of me
                        I guess that it' s all been a part of my destiny
                        Letting express all my beliefs and my feelings
                        Now knowledge just slips out my mouth like banana peelings
                        Raisin' the roof and breaking many ceilings
                        It' s all fun to me I love the wheelings and dealings
                        From the day I got on stage, (man) I gotta get a tour
                        started drinkin the night before tryna even up the score
            -           (Got all dressed up for Styles to hit the Ball
                        Sent electricty from the floors to the walls
                        Could have sworn I saw a chinese man pack his stores
                        I couldn' t even hear myself rap over applause
                        So I kept writing but haters just keep on biting
                        With their piracy inciting but that' s nothing exciting
                        What' s next football hooliganism and rioting
                        They probably think that' ll slow down my good living)
            Chorus-            x 2

                        How We Rock it
                        How we clock it
                        Non stop it, Boiiiiii.

  • We On The Game

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