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Styles Gallery

This page is dedicated to the many faces of Styles MC. Enjoy.

Styles MC 2016, Styles MC 2015, Styles MC 2014, Styles MC 2013, Styles MC 2012, 2011 And Beyond, Dad' s Funeral, To 2010 World Cup, 'Styles MC In Africa', 'Ghost Stories Vs Who's The MC' video, Chamba Valley 2006,

Styles MC 2016

Styles wit Mapani

Wit Mapani (Zambia U17 Football & Rapper) @ BSE HQ

Styles Gt North Rd Selfie

Last selfie of 2016 on Gt North Rd. My usual town route

Styles Model meeting

When you listening to Models and tryna look smart

Styles n Viweme

Last selfie 2016 wit Viweme (model & friend)

Misozi Kalembeleka Wedding

Misozi Kalembeleka (Cuss) wedding wit Fam.

Styles at Fam wedding

Wedding So;o pic

Styles in church

@ Bread Of Life Church

Styles Christmas

Christmas Fam Lunch wit Damian Musuka (Kung Fu Energy Drink Ads), Abel Chungu (award winning Gospel Singer) & My name sake Cuss Malenge from the UK

Styles @ Civic

In my Morning Pajamas lol

Styles wit Truth

With Truth hanging out

Styles wit JR

With Malenge Timothy Jr @ Aunt Maria's- Pizzaaaa lol

Bye from Malenge Jr

Jr saying by ... til Christmas

Styles to mansa

Another Tour to Mansa-Nov 16

Styles coach trip

On the Coach again

Styles, Uncle Styles n Jr

With Uncle Styles n Jr. in Mansa Town

Malenge Jr shopping

Malenge Jr going Shopping

Styles at Dinasour exhibit

At ShowGounds dinosaur Exhibit

Styles Home braii

Home Braii Aftermath

Styles and Nhim

With Nahim at The Blakout Joint, Olympia Market.

Styles at MOBM

At MOBM ltd printers

With Mulenga

With Mulenga (friend) @ Bday

Bday Cake 2016

Cake Bwana's B-Day Cake

With Eve

Cake feeding Eve (Actress/ Singer)

Styles and Annie

Styles wit Annie at BSE

Styles @ Cake Bwana's

Styles @ Cake Bwana's

with Lily fan

Styles wit Lily (fan) @ Silk Cafe

Styles wit friends (Bday)

Styles Bday with Friends

Styles n Russel

Bday pic with Russell

On laptop

Sunday planning on the laptop

with 2wice at BSE

with 2wice at BSE

with Enock (graphics

Mockup of street wall painting of Styles & Enock (graphics)

Styles at MOBM

Styles at MOBM Suppliers

Styles Mansa Lodge

At Mansa Lodge

Styles in Hoebuster Shirt

In Hoebusters T-shirt Range


With Friends & Fam

Styles 2wice at Silk Cafe

With 2wice at Silk Cafe

Styles and 2wice

Rob, Styles, 2wice and friend at BSE


styles and violet

Styles wit Violet (fan)

styles and Chiti

Chiti and Styles at Local

Styles on Peace Soldier

On Peace Soldier Coach to Mansa

Styles @ Timo

Bwalya & Styles at Timos club

Mike, Styles @ Rugby club

Mike & Styles @ Arrows Rugby

Lyricist and Styles

Lyricist & Styles

Styles and Crew

Zombe, Shaq, Styles and Taz at the studio.

Styles wit Akila

'Hey Chi Chi, watcha typing ...'

Styles Muso at chillas

With Muso @ Chillas Local

Styles wit Eve

With Eve @ Timos Local bar

STyles at Timos

Flo, Styles & Clive @ Timos

Styles at Cafe BB

Straight back to work, Cafe Nthandose's custom Bill Boards

Styles at Cafe

Cool to work out where you hang out, Cafe Nthadose

Styles Measuring

'Just taking sum measurements, is that a beer?' Lol.

Styles wit Akila

Chilling wit Akila Models @ BSE

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Styles MC 2015

Styles Mansa Coach station

Mansa Coach station

Styles @ Chillers

At local Chillers

Styles and Astridah

with Astridah fan & Friend


styles and Jr out

At Familys with Jr

Styles Iv and Jr

Family Selfie

Styles at Lodge

At Local Lodge wit Ivy. You find white peopleeverywhere in Zambia these days.

Styles n Jr sleeping

Saying bye to Jr, til next time.

Styles, Jr and Grandpa

With Jr and Grand Pa

Styles and Jr out

Jr' s 1st Selfie, he eats the camera after, lol.

Styles Mansa Lodge

Getting ready for a night out at Mansa Lodge

Ken, Oliver and Styles

With Kenny & Oliver (Mansa Council) @ Civic Hotel

Olmypia glasses

Shades down now, Scaring Gabby, lol ...

Styles to Mansa

To Mansa for New Years

Styles and Ivy

With Ivy on the Mansa coach

Styles and Jr

With Malenge Jr, my Son

Styles morning after

\Morning after Eve B-Day

Styles to Olympia

To Olmypia Market

Styles walking

Whats back there


With Gabriel & Co at Blakout Bar

Styles green screen

Styles Green Screen Test

Dad memorial 2015

With fam at Dad's memorial 2015. Leopards Hill Memorial Park.

Cakeman and Styles

With Cakeman & Tickets to Magg 44 Album Launch

Styles @ Eve BDay

With Friends At Eve's B-Day

Styles NF Branding

Styles at NF Branding (SA) meeting.

Styles and Tricia

Styles wit Tricia (friend)

Styles and Thandi

Styles & Thandi (Film Producer)

Styles aand Dandy

Styles and King Dandy Krazy

Styles and Esther Phiri

Styles wit Esther Phiri (Boxing Champion)

Stles Pesto Bar

Styles wit Pesto Bar Pop-Up

Styles and Russell

Styles wit Russell Shultz (Hazida; Renault, Motors)

Styles wit Eve

Styles wit Eve; assistant & friend

Styles getting ready

Styles getting ready ...

Styles and Dandy

Styles & Dandy Krazy at Esther Phiri fight

Styles going out

Styles Grass Roots

Styles wit Grass Roots Soccer Banner

Styles Mike and Suwi

Styles, Mike & Suwi (fellow Sales agents at Shreeji)

With Legendary Anthony Mwamba (Boxer/ coach) & Peter Phiri (Supplier client).

Can you see me, out here.

Styles with exodus banner

Styles with Sponsored Exodus Stables banner

Taking my Leather 'Bally' Zambian slang for 'Daddy') Flip Flops to repair.

'Gotta keep it so my kicks is clean.'

Foodex Expo at Mulungushi

Gnarly! Nuff Food & Drink.

Styles 5th B-day, Super Man cake and Ting

Balling VVip at Heroes Stadium.

Studio selfie

Is that a pen yor holding there. Office tings ...

Flash back- Styles in london chilling wit Richmond homies

Styles on Voting Day, Ifi va wa Lungu.

High Contrast Selfie

Zambia vs Nigeria at Heroes Stadium. VVIP view

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Styles MC 2014

BSE- the Remixes shoot

Hard keeping this smile up

Nice of 'Dad' to turn up in the middle of a pic ...

Styls at DK 1

with friends at DK School

Lady fans at D K School

Lady fans at DK School

Cake man cake

Cakeman b-day Cake

Styles at Joy FM

BSE Promo at Joy FM 106.9

Styles & Trevor

The South Africans turn up, Trevor.

Styles home

Entertaining at Home; ladies?


Checkin out the new paint job.


Chillin wit sexy Sylvia.

Styles and Genetix

Styles & Genetix; No Homo.

Styles & Geneitx

'What was the score there anyway ...'

Granpa Styles

Grandpa 'Sweater' Styles

Styles in Studio

bit hot in the studio ...

styles smart

The shoot the next day

styles smart

look to the sky ...

styles smart3

Eyeing down the camera.

spider Man Styles

My SpiderMan impression

styles christmas

Styles out back at family barbecue

styles at zola's

Styles watching Shak


'What a party'; Zola's

styles at zola

Hours later ...

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Styles MC 2013

Styles in Indeco Hse

Styles in Indeco House

Styles MC

How' s things back there

Styles in Mansa

Catching a fade in Mansa Town

Phone BG (World Gone Sad)

Styles chillin in the yard

How bout a chat show

Styles roaming LSK Town

Styles with Galfriend

Styles and IVY at Chillers

'Rose'! pink Champagne

Styles & IVY valentine

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Styles MC 2012

Styles at Lusaka Rugby Club

Styles at Lusaka Rugby Club.

House of Tonners

Styles shooting for House of Tonners website.

Styles MC performing D' you Like live.

Styles MC at BSE Blast Off

Sytles MC at The BSE Blast Off, Hollywood City Club.

He looks right ...

He cuts left ...

He' s looking high ...

And low ...

Bang, delivers the facial ...

Have sum of that you ...

Check those bees knees ...

And here they come for a walk ...

All in together now ...

I think i found a camera.

Lets stir it up people.

Sweetening up a sponsor mr. Banda

Styles wit Ivy (girlfriend) at Zam. Agric. Show 2012

Styles wit Armel (College mate) at KK Airport

Chilling in the back yard

Styles at Hone FM

Making The Post paper, 06

Styles at Olympia Market car wash wit' Nahim & Shaka Drizzo

Styles busting a verse before ... ahhhh.

Styles at News Cafe

Styles doing sum shooting in the Studio.

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2011 And Beyond

Way to start the year, MuthaF&*kers jacked me for my CD Burner.

Styles in the Bathroom.

Styles with Gabriel at Olympia (aka Hollywood) Market.

Styles Chilling 2011.

Check out my legs, back to rugby no!

Walking KCFF Kariba farm, Siavonga, Zambia. Ours!

Lake Kariba up front.

Still on the Farm, somebody call some Crocodiles.

Styles on Kariba Speed boat, 'when do we leave'?

Looks like I'm a have to man this myself.

Tuesday Bwalya, UNZA lecturer, groom party. Styles coerographed wedding.

Styles doin' sum home pics.

Do you think she gets how the camera works?

Styles ready for bed.

Styles at Thengo' s (brother) & Kazia' s Matebeto.

The BSE print merchandise.

The 'Ascendance' album cover shoot.

The 'Ghost Stories' album cover shoot.

The 'Ghost Stories' album cover shoot, Black or white?


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Dad' s Funeral

Ken Winright Ngondo 1947-2010.

HH, KK, G Scott, M Sata and others at Funeral.

George Kunda, MMD & State representative.

Styles and Ngondo Family at Funeral.

Styles laying Sand at the buriel.

Ngondo Family laying the deceised to rest

Ngondo Family laying the deceised to rest 2

Ngondo Family laying the deceised to rest

Mum and Family at Chitama Village ceremony

Styles watching the coach at the Chitama Village ceremony. Chipata, Zambia

Mum (Charity Kalembeleka Ngondo) at Chitama village ceremony

Styles & Brother Dangeruss Guy dancing at Chitama ceremony

The traditional Ngoni Dance of the Chitama village people

A close up on those legs 'bouta'.

Mr Moyo the Ngondo Farm caretaker

The sacrificed cow being delt with

Styles & Ngondo Family dancing with the Ngoni at the family farm

Get those heals up now, there' s nobody around.

There' s more of these.

Get your Nkolis (canes) up in the air!

Mind the chief now. Chief Mushola leading proceedings.

Get those knees up now.

Make a circle we go!

Everybody ready now.

Lets see those knees again. Wa Ngoni!

Get down on it!

Is everybody checked out here? Mind the ladies.

The Chipata Sunset.

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Styles MC To 2010

what the BSE desk top looks like

Who's out there anyway?

Evening ladies.

Niccee place you have here!

Come come now, my love.

You haven' t seen me, right.

Yesss! about that book I was writing ...

The BSE website poster ads.

Styles on the back yard cycle (1 of them anyway).

Thats Coco the family dog. What a bitch!

I wonder what Nelson Mandela' s cell looked like?

My first Nikes. I used to hate Nike Trainers but ...

Big screen at the MTN Barclays Club Fan Club World Cup 2010

Styles with UK mates at Fan Club Final

Dangeruss Guy, Styles and Ngosa at Chita Lodge.

Styles with Omar my ABC (African Border Crossing) mate at 'Chillers' the local.

Styles MC at Zefa Lodge in Siavonga.

Kam (bro), Styles and Limbi (bro) aka Dangeruss Guy at Kariba Inns.

Styles at Protea Hotel' s Southern Belle. Wicked boat hotel, looks like the Titanic.

Styles and Dangeruss guy on the KCFF farm.

Styles at home village Chitama in Chipata.

Cousin Ken and Styles at Movers bar in Chipata.

Styles with peeps at Movers Bar the local in Chipata.

Styles on Chipata family farm.

Styles at Tanzania' s Mr. Nice B-Day Christmas Eve.

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Styles MC in Africa (2008-2009).

On My Way Into Town. Looking kinda Dappa, no?

I know what this looks like but they are different.

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The 'Ghost Stories Vs Who's The MC' Video shoot.

Check out some of these pics collected from the brand new Styles MC video Ghost Stories Vs Who's The MC' out soon.


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Some left over pictures from the Chamba Valley farm.

Damn it, I forgot the flash again.

God damn, I hate this yard.

Yes, I may be a little drunk.

Wow, these teeth fit me fine.

So who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Is that a camera, luv?

Time for another break out.



Yes, rather sharp.


What you lookin' at.

So this is Nepal then.

Yesss! I think I'll write a book!

How scary are you people!

They're sum crazy fools on TV these days!

I'm so Cool!- says the pilot.

Is this sexy enough for you, Paris?

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Downlad The Styles Wear Catalogue here

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