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Bomb Shelter Ent., 21stCenturyZambia.com, Unified Promotions, Big Cheese Productions, Styles Wear

Who's Involved

Styles MC AKA Malenge Terence Ngondo (Mel for short) is the primary member of Bomb Shelter Entertainment which has been an active multimedia and entertainment organisation since 2005. It consists of 21stCenturyZambia.com (the corporate Marketing and Branding franchise), Unified promotions (the Event Management company) , Styles Wear (the Clothing company), Big Cheese Productions (The Video Production company) and several other facets to come which will include 'BSE Mag' the online magazine, a book publishing company and more.

What Do They Do?

The services of Bomb Shelter Entertainment include Music production, editing and Disc Jockeying for events and film, media advertising, Web and Graphic Designing, basic networking, consultancy in IT, marketing & sales for businesses and general writing services. That's creative writing (Screen plays, stage plays, poetry, lyrics; song writing and and general scripting). Any monkey can write, I think! What happened to entertainment these days, anyway.

How Much Does This Set You Back (Price)

Whats very modern age about this rganisation is that, prices for services provided tend to be negotiable and dependant on the job or service we are to cater for at tetime of quotation, so it's always worth an inquiry, see if we can't beat your best price.


Bomb Shelter Entertainment

Music Production & Recording- This pricing again is very dependant on your needs and requirements but we are very compromising and hope to cater to everyone. I sure the track samples in the BSE studio (all produced & recorded by BSE) show our abilities as the best in a diversity of sounds. Djing services available too for all sounds of music including Zed beats, hip hop, RnB, House, Ragga, Urban Sounds, Golden Oldies, Rhumba.

Video Production & Soundtracking- As is evident from the music videos you see in the BSE studio, we do this to the upmost perfection and in specification to Adverts, music videos, trailers, movies and documentaries. Give us a shout and we' ll see what does, friends.

Web & Graphic Design- Again this would depend on the amount of pages, the size of the graphics (Outdoor Banners and Corporate Branding included); for fashion, Album Covers, Magazines, etc) and the amount of interactivity required to cater to your specifications, but there's no guessing as to who' s responsible for this website.

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Online Representation- 21stCenturyZambia.com is a revolutionary new information and directory website that plans to combine the interactivity of websites like Face Book and Yahoo wih the information and contents of a 'Guide To Zambia' almanac.

We are currently offering subscribing businesses and the public alike the opportunity to get a 'full page profile' (including hyperlinks to mother sites, images and details of all goods and services offered and Search Engine rankings) for inclusion into our vast Business Directory.

Businesses with more aggresive marketing needs and durable budgets also have the opportunity to get special 'advertising banners' (1 face or 3 faced animation) on any selected or 'targeted' pages of the website with hyperlinks to there advertised goods/ services or websites.

The public and organisation sponsors also have the opportunity to put up bulletins of events, conferences and shows coming up in Zambia aswell as auction personal goods, property, cars and one' s self (the job market).

Marketing & Sales Consultancy- With a wealth of experience in marketing and Sales from the USA, UK and Zambia, 21stCenturyZambia.com are able to completely strategise your company' s marketing and Sales initiatives from a written plans to direct implementation, increasing your client base, your platforms of advertising & promotion and sales approaches and techniques including Indoor & Outdoor Banners and Company Branding.

Aswelll as a business directory, 21stCenturyZambia.com have a host of mailing lists that enable clients to reach the office desks of majority of Zambian firms and individuals both here and abroad.

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Event Promotion & Services- As handled by Unified Promotions we deal in radio advertisements, flyer and poster designing, printing and distribution, Disc jockeying of a variety of music including a Master of ceremony. Just about anything you would require for a wedding, birthday party or any kind of cocktails affair or celebration or Club events, fashion shows and other entertainment events.

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Video Production, Editing & Sound Tracking- A new addition to the BSE camp, this service will be run by 'Big Cheese Productions' (that's what I'll call it anyway. Cheers, Armel!). This will envolve organising of filming equipment and crews and the eventual editing of the product including possible sound tracks for music videos, documentaries, adverts, short films, feature lengths, etc. Just ask us about it, we'll see what we can do. This would probably require outsourcing of equipment and staff and that would obviously affect the pricing but it' s competitive and negotiable pricing.

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Clothing & Merchandise Design and Printing-Styles Wear is responsible for the design and printing of all BSE Clothing and Merchandising; including all it's subsidiaries. Do give your company a branding advantage.

Downlad The Styles Wear Catalogue here

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Animation & Standard Posters Ads on BSE website- Given the rising succcess of the Bomb-Shelte-Ent.com, 21stCenturyZambia.com and other associated websites as an advertising medium (over 15,000 hits under 6 months of unofficial release), we are now offering corporations and individuals the chance to advertise on the site itself and on the upcoming website attachments such as the Ecommerce store. Price are stil negotiable but are to be fixed by 2011's year end.

Bomb Shelter Entertainment Copyright

BSE are responsible for the copyright and sale of all BSE and Styles products including CDs, Cloths, Posters, Books, DVDs and any other products available. Right now we are putting out Styles MC's 'Ghost Stories Vs Radio' album and several other products and services.


Bomb Shelter Entertainment, Emmasdale F737/27/C Flat 3, Mululu Road, P.O box 30396, Lusaka, Zambia.
Tel.- +260- 0977/0969 662960, 0955 310680, Email- admin@bomb-shelter-ent.com, ngondomt@gmail.com