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The Nui- Oxford Dictionary of Definitions

Letter English , The Numbers Game

Game Phrases & Cliches , Popular Game Slang, Hip Hop slang,


101 things Mel might say in public.

A list of celebrities you'd want to shoot, and for good reason too.

The Nui- Oxford dictionary of definitions.

Inventions and Cultures Mel was responsible for.

Companies you should probably avoid if you don't want to be ripped off.

Who or What is the Devil. See what spirituality is all about.

Air your views in 'The Game' discussion room

Letter English

Though we are lead to believe the English langauge is a deep and complex language, it's actually very symbolised and logical with it's roots deeply embedded in imperialism particularly after the British Empire.

For starters, the letters of the alphabet are actually symbols that illustrate what an individual speaking the language was trying to say or SsssAY.

If you take certain words like Urn, Eek or Ay you can see how simply adding a letter to the front or back of the word gives it an understanding that relates to the letter you added at the front.

e.g. B would make Burn, Beek and Bay. W would make Wurn (or worn) Week and Way.

So the question becomes what do the letters really stand for or symbolise. I have tryed to give a Fff-Air-LE good explaination of each letter below.

A , B , C , D , E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


The Letter 'A'

An Upside (UP-Sid-E) Down (Dow-N) V with a bridge (b-RidGe) in between. Originally used to Symbolise a whole (WH-OLE) or Complete (Com-PLET) society (SO-CI-ET-E). (A V illustrates two roads that go away from each other sort of like a V-Ledge or village. So then you can understand why the bridge gives it a complete understanding.

Examples of A words- Alien (A-LEAN) as in he's an advanced species , Adapt (A-DaPT) as in he can convert to the Times, Accent (Ac-Cent) as in he speaks with a foreign sent or sound, that's usually a good thing or atleast it was in those days, well traveled and all that.



The Letter 'B'

Two half (H-AL-F) circles on a down (Dow-N) line (L-in-e). This illustrates two half cirles going the other or A-Tha way to a up or down street meaning that these two souls or persons are self contained but not as advanced as an A as they only go backwards or B-ac W-ards.

Examples- Bad (B-ad) as in this is a bad way to do things, Bay (B-ay) as in this is a short stop for us to get things done, or just the fact secondary actors are called B- List celebrities.


The Letter 'C

A half (H-AL-F) circle. Usually illustrates places or actions that only go half far and require completion, preferably by someone with advanced skills, perhaps an imperialist.

e.g- a City (C-T) as in we use these places to source our homes, Cat (C-at) as in an animal or even person in slavery driven countries and cultures (like black people most places) that are studied for reactions.


The Letter 'D'

A reverse half circle that has a line draw at it's ends.



The Numbers Game

Popular Game Related Phrases or 'Cliches'

'Picking (P- Icking) up where we (Q U I) left off (O ffff)'-

'In the thick (F- ick) of it (Eye- T)'-

'That old (ole' D) chess (Ch- ES) nut (NuT'-

'He Must Be Having (halfing) You (Y O U) on (O N)'-

'Who's the village idiot'-

'What's that about'-

'Who would have thought it'-

'Here, we go again'-

'You can say that again'-

'Good Lord' or 'For God Sake' or 'Oh My God' or 'By Jove'- There all the same, MAte-

'My Word'-

'So, what's new'-

'There's a turn up for the books'-

'Get it out wide'-

'What, the fuck'-

'Come here'-

'On the other hand'-

'Killing two birds with one stone'-

'You're half way there'-

'You son of a gun'-

'Getting turned On'-

'Have a go'-

'What's the time' or 'What's happening' or 'what's going on'-

'How's It Going' or 'Moving' or 'Said'-

'How You say'-

'Some What'-


'Spirits of a by gone age'-

'Not quite themselves'-

'Portraits of themselves'-

'Purtaining to be'-

'As it were'-

'Keeping a safe distance'-

'Shutting up shop'-

'Mood there in'-




Popular Game Slang Terms

Crook/ Crooked; Pronounced Crew- K/ Crew- K Id)- and individual or train of thought that means doing things or operating in a manner that is dishonourable, bent, or malicious. Basically they like to hijack (high- jack) information and scenes from people's lives for recycling (Re- cycling) purposed.

Jack; to jack; Promounced J- Ack- Derived from Jack, the male lead of 'Jack and Jill' children's books, it means to take some one's possessions as your own with out requesting or asking.

Johnson; Pronounced J- On- Son- Derived from NBA legend Magic johnson who was miraculously cured of AIDS in the 80s (who's he supposed to be) it is a term used to discribe the penis. A body part 'THEY' consider to be of grave importance and value.

Stupid; Pronounced Stoop- Id- It is an individual who believes or supports through thought or action the ideas of 'The Game'. I heard it being pronounced Chew- Pete (what I called my 1st imaginary friend age 6) or Stew P- Id we'll talk about the letter P later.



Hip Hop Slang Terms


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