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Bad Game Associated Organisations & Companies


101 things Mel might say in public.

A list of celebrities you'd want to shoot, and for good reason too.

The Nui- Oxford dictionary of definitions.

Inventions and Cultures Mel was responsible for.

Companies you should probably avoid if you don't want to be ripped off.

Who or What is the Devil. See what spirituality is all about.

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England & Europe

Tulip Enterprises/ Nokia- These guys were responsible for graciously providing me with a new multimedia phone before coming back to Zambia that did a great job of stealing my Mp3s and digital pics, that had the same loser clowns jumping all over the tracks on there and using it like a playground. That wasn't the worst of it, more than that they managed to convince people that this was a viable way to control and manipulate people and now we've been having problems with bad phones in Zambia ever since. You can't even have a conversation on the phone anymore without some idiot from nowhere jumping in with a comment or two. I wonder who the phone was for? "THEM". I'm sure it was not without the help of our very own mobile service provider Celtel Zambia.

The Home Office (Britain)- Responsible for immigration in the British Isles, this government organisation was responsible for turning my quite legitimate residency application in England into a complete farce. Having been studying in England for 14 years (10 years is the requirement for residency) and never having been out the country for more than 6 months (another requirement). These guys rejected my application on the basis it was made after my student visa expired, though the registered post suggests it should have got there atleast the day before. Secondly they went on to claim that I hadn't been in the country more than five years since 1999, I guess I didn't exist for the last 9 years, what a waste of 100,000 pounds in school fees that was. They then held onto my passport and paper work for another year in London telling me they didn't know what happened to my application when they had stolen all my school certificates and were deliberately keeping me in London with no means of employment (yes, starving to death) dispite several visits to their offices all around the town. They then said they would only let me go and give me my passport at the airport if I had a ticket booked for Zambia, again a procedure nobody I know, including lawyers, had ever heard of. Obviously I took it. My guess is you'll never be able to find the people who signed that official government documentation because they probably don't exist. Not what you'd expect from England, hey (hay). Date- 27/07/08: The Home Office still continue to ignore me claiming they know not of any such case and recommend I get legal representation.

Royal Bank Of Scotland (Richmond, London)- This bank screwed me around and inconvenienced me for all the four years I banked with them in London. Read the 'Catch 22' chapter of The Game article for further details. I am still seeking legal retrobution for this organisation so I won't comment much further for now.

The Prince's Trust (East London)- Another one of these dodgey (Dodge- E) Charity organisations, it claims to help individuals and organisations from an under- priviledged background start or maintain businesses through Loans, Grants, Mentors and Advisers. Going to see these guys was one of the biggest mistakes I made in London before getting kicked out as they managed to run my business into the ground and keep it there before I even started it. Read 'Catch 22' chapter of the Game article. I'm still talking to them about too incase they were hoping I forgot.

Continental Research (East London)- Employed with this tele- marketing company for the last 3 years of my time in London, They did everything within their rhelm to ensure my life at work was uncomfortable and that I didn't work when 'THEY' didn't want me to have money. That explains the no dates then. read 'Catch 22' the Game article again for more info. mind you it was very common at all the places I worked in London.

NFO World Group (East London)- Even worse than Continetal Research, though based in Old Street London too, I could only stomach this place (quite literally; they poisoned me and gave me a major tummy bug, probably the milk) for 3 months before leaving very sore. 'Catch 22' again.

Reliance Security (London)- Another of those London employers that seemed to get a bit fed up of me policing Goldman Sachs Investment Bank after they finished building their new offices and decided to try and find ways to make my life more uncomfortable or bin (B-in) me from the site. I left after an argument with one of their South African managers and when I went back to their head office a year later (he had left by then) they told me I was no longer eligible for a job there. They used to harrass me about my Passport and Visa, if you could see some of the illegal Nigerians and Asians they had there. As jokes go, pretty funny.

Azad Ayub Ltd (North London)- This small Asian owned estate agency runs house for 'THEM', in other words it's 'Free Time' and your house mates are likely to be individuals who like to tow the line. They on most occasions got there kicks out of messing with and contaminating my food containers, give me pubic lice by rubbing my towel in their ..., and various other bad room mate acts including helping themselves to my bedroom when ever I was out and they wished. not the kind of people most would be comfortable living with.

Life's Good (LG) 07- This rather new technology company has some how managed to get a monopoly on importing inferior and rather impersonating IT and electrical equipment into Zambia (Yes, the kind that keeps talking to you and attempting to manipulate your actions and work).. This includes radios, TVs, fridges and IT hardware. You should hear what the vocals sound like when you burn a CD with the LG cd roms we have in town these days. Yes, this truly the best way I've found to scare of your customers.

SoundClick.com- Yes, this is one of those dubious community sites (for music) that takes your details, strategies and personal music and images and uses them to promote there own causes and related organisations. Indeed i was stupid enough to think I could upload and sell mp3s on this site only to discover that while surfing I couldn't even find them myself and yes they did have ajolly good time with them I hear. (How greedy are these cats.) I have no idea where about in Europe they're based (they use the Euro currency) probably Germany, but they give very few contact details to their users and I'm pretty sure it's because they don't want to be contacted.

Cadiz Music (Cadiz.com)- Thses guys are one of the companies tha sat on my mailing list claiming to be awaiting a copy of one of my CDs so they could distribute it for the whole 2 years people in Zambia were stealing and duplicating my tracks. It turns out that when I finally sent them a copy in November 07 of Styles MC's- The Demo, they had no intention of putting it out. In fact they then used this moment to perpetuate this 'off the ball' culture they started on my head by having burglars break into our yard and steal all my brother's car tires leaving the car on bricks, (Yes, very f*&king funny.) and various other stupid things like the neighbour's cat bearing four ugly, violent kittens in our yard. All things that had idiots in our house (keeped cousins, etc from broken homes; wonder what they're doing here) acting like twats who didn't want to put out a BSE CD. Now, how does that work out, I wonder.


USA & The Americas

X9 Hosting Services- based in Wisconsin, I did a search for hosting sites that could host my web site at a reasonable price and be paid through Western Union. These guys were one of the only few, who then proceeded to invoice me for 3 months payments and have me send the money (at a charge of course) before telling me to have it sent back (more charges) and replenished with a one year contract payment. Since then, I have been unable to upload documents particularly pics and Mp3s to the site in the chosen format I was looking for, the online databases wouldn't work and the pics and mp3s that are up there keep lossing there links. Given that there was supposed to be an Ecommerce store to go with this site I think it's fairly safe to say these guys are the main reason why I won't afford to make it to film school this September 2007. I have reliably informed them I will be sueing should my Demo album and follow ups sell somewhere else until then I am on the look out for new hosting space; same domain name though.

Hewlett Packard (IT Hardware)- The kind of hardware that makes your files disappear or reappear in some else's house, in this case I was using an hps 1215 all in one printer scanner. I'm sure they enjoyed those pics and documents. Date- 28/07/08: The HP printer still can't find a buyer in town and remarkably keeps ending up in my home again but now the drivers won' t even load on my PC so I guess they just wanted me to bin it and lose my money; such plans, eh!

Dell (IT Hardware)- Same kind of hardware, this Dell was one of our house's latest PC purchases, rest assured nobody even used the machine, talk about exspensive pieces of crap.

Compaq- Same kind of hardware, this last PC we bought had my stills looking like Osama Bin Ladin. No doubt he is a Lad In. What use is such a PC to a professional.

CIW Certificate Bibles- Have bought these learning aids in London before I was kicked out on my dubious immigration charge, I have found them to be quite flawed in a number of cases. Firstly, the only one that contaians enough detail to train you effeciently to the standard required is the foundation Bible, the rest are to vague. Secondly, the accompanying software was the kind of software were used to in Zambia now, full of holes and unable to serve effeciently. It makes one feel like such an incapable loser when straight forwards programs and scripts from a book don't work as they are supposed to, nevermind the fact you would be suicidal to put up a site with such aids. Oh, yes did we mention that this trip to Zambia may have been planned as suicidal.

AEE Scholarship Foundation (Canada)- One of these organisations that get you to send them money (in my case $45) under the guise that they'll find you a scholarship to colleges in North America. In the end all they sent me was a booklet of contacts which didn't even arrive in the post dispite waiting for 3 months and when they did email the contact list non of the schools or fields I highlighted was present. Bollocks to that then.

Microsoft (Various Softwares)- Just picked up the latest MS Office 2007 and do you know what? It doesn't work, in fact I swiched back to my older version and all the files I created with Office 2007 were non existent. I'm sure this is not the only one. Microsoft XP Professional; this was the last operating system software to jack all my files and then look me out of them. That's anothe 160 produced beats, 11 albums, four books, this web site, several admin documents, several T-shirt designs and logos. I don't know but it sounds expensive to me, I think some one could get sued here.

Adobe (Various Softwares)-

Macromedia (Various Softwares)-

Norton Anti- Virus 2002 (Software)- How about anti viruses that let people into your PC, it's like living with a burglar.

Symantec Anti- Virus (Software)- Same problem, the only guys with anti virus polices arerival bootleggers it seems like

Bizland.com (web hosting); Sept 07- I didn't even last a week with this Massachusetts organisation, no sooner had I payed them my 100 dollars before they were blocking my website uploads and refusing my stylesmc.com domain name transfer. Mind you, at this point we do have a genuine album (The Demo) to release and a music video but you would think that a company planning on ripping me off at this stage would have the good sense to avoid you rather than have you pay for a service and then block it. Look out for this law suit because these are some of the dumest people I've dealt with so far. You know those idiots who just keep pretending they never heard what you said or that they never received your emails; and then watch them try to get out of paying me my money back as per the 30 day money back gaurantee. I'll be living in court with clowns like this. Anything to spoil another month

Omni Hotels (Ottawa, Canada), Canadian Immigration, Oct 07- Part of yet another dastardly sceme to superficiously move us to a rather chilly side of 'CaNeDia'. They came to Mel with false hopes of ajob in a rather big Hotel in Canada with accomodation and costs all covered. They then had me running around town photo copying and send confidential forms and details of mine across the internet when all they wanted to do was waste another month of my life and get meto do stupid things like sell my studio equipment (because I was going to Canada; very funny.) and rather agressively deal with women, even those in the neighbourhood under consenting age. Thank you Canada for keeping up 'The Lie', you made a lot of sick, sad losers very , well, sssad no doubt.

You Tube.com- Based in America this internet video company made famous by Britney Spear's recent 'Gimme me, Gimme me' video (all part of her 'come back') and numerous mentions and name drops on 'E! TV' and network shows like 'CSI- the original' is just another fraud. Indeed when it came time to Styles MC's video upload the site jammed and refused the upload on numerous occasions. don't ask who else or what other vcideos they show up there but does the phrase 'No, Money!' mean anything to you. It must be a clown base; and who said Jack Ass TV was going out of fashion.

MySpace.com- Also based in America I've seen quite a number of music artists host a fan based site through this company including Ja Rule, Amerie, and a whole bunch more. It may have been good enough for them but obviously it wasn't for Styles MC as one attempterd upload of a music video was quickly dashed on several occasions. I'm pretty sure they've made there mind up on that front. 'They don't wanna hear it!'. Anyway we keep looking and I'm sure we'll discover a number of these dubious sites exploiting people for there personal information, details and conversation.

CD Baby.com- Thses guys along with Cadiz Music of the UK also sat on my mailing list claiming to be awaiting a copy of one of my CDs so they could distribute it for the whole 2 years people in Zambia were stealing and duplicating my tracks. It turns out that when I finally sent them a copy in November 07 of Styles MC's- The Demo, they had no intention of putting it out, atleast not in it's original context; they were the cause of attempted vocal duplications and then when they got the album they tried to have me put it out without some of the tracks. During this time, they too used there moment to perpetuate this 'off the ball' culturestarted on my head by having burglars break into our yard and steal all my brother's car tires leaving the car on bricks, (Yes, very f*&king funny.) and various other stupid things like the neighbour's cat bearing four ugly, violent kittens in our yard. All things that had idiots in our house (keeped cousins, etc from broken homes; wonder what they're doing here) acting like twats who didn't want to put out a BSE CD. Now, how does that work out, I wonder. To there disappointment several other distributers have turned up since, so if they were hoping they would be the only ones and everyone else would follow suit, look out for them on the sue list for America. I hear it's the culture there, ha ha. Drink on that. Date- 27/07/08: CDbaby have since apologised for putting out a fake album claiming it wasn' t there deliberate intention, but who believes that. I declined the opportunity to work with them again if that's what they wanted.

Perfspot.com- I think thats supposed to be 'Perth, spot'. Another new friends finder thats come up, to my disappointment, these guys invited me to their site just so they can start corrupting and spoiling uploaded pictures of mine. Are we over this yet, I mean America, it's friging embarrassing already. No wonder I haven't been to film school yet.

Iweb.com (March 2009)- So in the frantic months, perhaps years, that have lead to the build up of Bomb Shelter Entertainment' s website, i have been through a number of Web hosting companies. many, you may have read about on this very page. I have contacted Iweb.com before (they' re Canadian by the way) asking them if they could host an Ecommerce store of this capacity and they did respond but not positively. 2009 starts and I ask them again, this time they say they can do it and with very flexible payment terms. So I pay for the 1st 3 months (obviously the Western Union payment got lost for 2 weeks) and now we see similar dispondence to the upload of the BSE website and Ecommerce store to that we' ve seen from some other hosting companies here, with images and track samples having a nasty habit of cutting the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection. Which is quite annoying cause I plan to start the store with Mp3 and Ringtone and Poster downloads. Lets hope the problem doesn' t get worse, heh.


Zambia & Africa

Warning! A lot of the companies here are very Zam- bian.

The Passport Office (Zambia)- These guys keep giving me illegitimate passports and/ or they keep losing my old passport everytime there is a change. Those that travel a lot will understand the importance of keeping your original passports, plus i would have needed it for my England residency application (there it is!). God knows which idiots are travelling on my former passports right now, they probably got residency in England too. Is it me or is crime paying here.

Zamtech- Buying a PC from here got me locked up in jail. It was 5 million kwacha ( $1300) brand new, a rip off in itself. It wasn't brand new and didn't exist at HP and ofcourse it's been stealing my files as 'THEY' do. The main part of their effort is to spoil my music so it can't sell. Anyway, I tried to return it as it has a year gaurantee and they (my uncle Ambrose included; he has his family in London) got me thrown in jail saying I was crazy and they had no idea who I was. Same PC I'm using, obviously I'm having to do my recordings somewhere (Sam- wear; that means Sambo (Sam- Bo, Black people) uses it too) else.

Zambian Driving School- Mike the manager of this place got me to design a 6 page website for them at a rip- off price of K300,000 ($ 60),given that I had already paid them for a driving licence crash course (a lot more than that). He then pursued to run me around town wasting my money for over a month before I was smart enough to save my money and leave him alone without paying.

Zamnet- A former parastatal funded by the World Bank, it is a leading telecommunications, ISP and training centre. Except when Mel gets there. Whilest attempting to write an exam there that I had payed in full for, they kept putting the date off until we had bailiffs kicking us out of our house to have the exam scheduled on a date I couldn't change and then refused to give me back my change atleast K120,000 ($32). Atleast a good night, I hope you enjoyed it Albert Zulu. God known how I'll take any more exams there but I've been advised to pay independently. 07/12/07- Anyway, the exam was officially taken and the certificate is now awaiting collection; God knows why it took over a year and a half to bring that to my attention.

Times Cafe (Arcades)- Just weeks after I had started The Bomb Shelter Studio, this charming Bar's bouncers found it good form to break my arm. An incident I found hard to remember due to drugging (yes that's common, here in Zambia these days) but a good way to delay the release of an album or slow down any videos don't you think. By the way, Arcades is a brand (B- Rand) new shopping and entertainment complex run and frequented by foreign British and South African nationals

Zesco Electricity- Being the only power company in Zambia, they have an obvious monopoly of electricity in Zambia. The guys have spent the last two years at our old house in Chamba Valley bring us rediculously high electricity bills (no less than 7- 9 million kwacha) and cutting the power, obviously taking their time some time days to restore it. Once it was decided we would be moving out, I never saw a bill higher than 1 million. Strange don't you think.

Eris Progeny/ Trendsetters Magazine- Run by the same group of fine (Fi- N) ladies this people raised money from South Africa to shoot a short film (obviously around my life) and after giving me like the only male part (feminist Dykes or Di- Ks) they proceeded to pay everyone else except me (I'm pretty sure they did anyway) and then replace me with a look alike whilest keeping my name on the credits not to mention the fact I was promoting their movie on my web site. Talk about criminal, last I heard they were showing the movie (that's exactly what it is) in South Africa. I wonder who payed for all that then, last I checked they weren't all that well off money wise. I would probably sue otherwise.

C-Tech, Computer Solutions, Comp Disc, ... various IT companies- They sell IT equipment and accessories (including blank CDs & DVDs from reputable companies like Sony) that makes it pretty easy for certain people to hack, view, alter and perhaps pirate your private files. A lot to do with that piracy and bootlegging problem I had at BSE in 2006. 'We lost a lot of good files there, people.'

Mark Mwanamwalye of Full Blown Productions- This guy was one of the people from that short film production with Eris Progeny that ended up going south (no pun intended). I spoke to this guy about doing two videos paying in instalments (K300,000 or $80) for the shooting. He agreed telling me to just by the blank tapes. Shortly after filming the first one I call him to pick up the footage and he becomes unavailable. After 3 weeks of this I go down to his office and he sends me an email telling me he wants all the money immediately and I can have my tapes back, full stop. Of course he didn't put them on DVD like he was supposed to (which was all part of the plan for Zambia's next trip up) and he didn't film a second video. The real reason he was upset of course is because he happens to be gay and I would most certainly not accompany him to his house for what ever exchange he had in mind (trust me, he was quite pushey about meeting everywhere else without the tape but insisting I pick it up from his house everytime).

Golden Pictures- This was now the follow up to Zambia's Styles MC video debackle. Having been thrown my mini DV tapes with a need to put them in digital editable format. Some one suggested I take them to Golden Pictures, Everyone else was conveniently engaged or over priced. Firstly, it took me over a week to pick up a DVD that they said they could do in a day. After picking it up the 1st time I discover it's in the wrong format. Haviing returned to the office, I find out the DVD was created on one of thse PCs and lo and behold they want to show me how well it works and where all the missing file formats are on that PC (you can't find them on any other PC, mate). They then promised to relay the info noto my PC if I took it in (uh, what about my private files) or they could come over with a fire wire and mini DV cam (Uh, what about my files). Eventually they agreed to re redord it and into the seventh week and several attempted miss videos later (weak attempts at convinveing the public they're doin a SSSMel job) I';m still waiting for the twats to return the footage. I threatened to take them to court but they have PAs leaving and all te usual problems, they probably won't be around in a few months like most of these companies who've screwed me.

Standard Chartered Bank PLC-  These guys are not your ordinary bad bank, I didn't even last 6 months with these guys... But you know what they say, 'A broke nigger is a gay nigger.' So they hope anyway.

Adnosom Studios/ Reprographics- I met this guy Musonda a few months ago working in a major printers in Zambia and he said he could help me out with some software. (Yes, the printer was owned by a white/ coloured man and yes, he had grimy teenage kids who dressed like English kevins with Union jacks plastered all over there cloths but I wasn't dealing with them or was I). Anyway I had been to his house a few times and in exchange for some software I recorded a track with him; 'Mic Check (The Demo)', obviously his version wasn't as good on the production and he ended up spoiling it anyway with his lame vocal specialists. He didn't stop there though, whilest running round Zambia attempting to find some one who could burn genuine copies of 'The Demo' for distributers abroad I asked him and he obliged. A day later I was in reprographics picking up my hard drive with an absolutely rediculous version of my album on it instead (actually the same guys who bootlegged my studio stuff the two years before); luckily most of my data was on a password protected space. Lets just say we don't talk anymore unless we were planning to meet in court.

Dream Cosmetics at Down Town Shopping Complex-These guys got me to make a web site for them and then sat on the measly amount of money for over 6 weeks. When I then demanded they pay something, they called a fake cop threating to take me to jail and then just suggested I take down the site. Not bad people, just crazy perhaps.



Sony- Ours houses and homes, in England and in Zambia, have forever been stocked with electrical goods from this company that are dualy communicative (yes, they can here you whilest being able to talk to you too. And these days they usually do.). Of late these TV buddies have rather rude and irritant (not by accident I'm sure) and I'm sure the source or much drama and anti-social behaviour takingplace in our Zambia home, in Zambia as a whole and a lot of the world I'm sure. Who the hell invited these nob jobs anyway. WATCH HOW YOU TALK IN FRONT OF YOUR TV OR RADIO OR COMPUTER.

- I got another one from Sony. So I'm in the middle of this web designing job and one of the complaints of the client is that I keep leaving parts out so he won't give me my payment. Then my flash breaks down and the client gives me his Sny flash and low and behold, I' m going to the internet and finding fills corrupted or missing from the Sony flash. What are we doing at Sony, mate. 10/10/2008

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