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Film Review Rating System
I' ve read one or two film reviews in my time (Yes, rather boring) and have thus decided to create my own revolutionary system for the purposes of Bomb Shelter Entertainment reviews in which ever medium (websites, magazines, commisions; yes, they may ask me to do some more work for them too, papers, etc). The film review system will divided into five parts;

1. Story Line & Concept- What the film is all about (obviously don' t want to spoil the end now; don' t worry I' ve done this before) and whether it is conceptionally original, believable, and entertaining.
2. Dialogue- We' ll be looking for quick wit, originality, extensive use of the English (or any other) Language and generally well put together scenes and dramatisations. How many lines (or scennes) to remember a film produces is essentially the concept of this section.
3. Action Scenes- This section is a measurement of how capturing, enticing, exciting, shocking or scary a film production manages to make it' s action or romance scenes. (Not to put down you chauvanists out there but action does not refer stricktly to Gore, fighting, shoot 'em up scenes but other dramatic, romantic or frightening scenes in the movie).
4. Special Effects- Now, not every movie in the world contains special effects but Boo- Who, we sincerely recommend it. This section is a measure of the quality and effectivity of special effects or shots in a movie and how they improve the whole over all viewing experience of the movie.
5. Overall Experience- A rating of the movie as a whole from a strictly observational point of view; without regarding the technical side of the fim making process I mean.

Each of these five sections of review have a score rating of 0 - 5 and each sections score then tabulated to make one whole score out of 25 or if divided by 5 a two decimal score out 5. After this, it' s up to you the public to make your own decisions, as I have explained before on other BSE material

'The views of Styles MC and Bomb Shelter Entertainment are not the views of any official group, persons or organisation on this Planet (other than ours). In fact, they have been known to be quite biased!'

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