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Zambia Cars


This page is for all the Cool Kitted out cars BSE comes across, 'Worldwide'!

Cypher Party 2010, LSK 2011

Cypher Party 2010

On August 21st 2010, 8 young MCs took a walk from Olympia Market to 'The Cypher Party' opposite Arcades Mall and this is what they found.

Supras, GTO, Golf, is there anyone else.

Supra,GTO and Golf. engine, check.

Supra! d'you think we' ll catch any races.

Then along came a Chrysler; not to close!

When was he born again, I think its a G3.

Lets call it a night then.

LSK 2011

A 3 Series BMW. Good friends.

1 of the many Hummers in Zed right now.

Nissan Fair Lady Z at Long Acres.

Well lowered with a great side profile.

Oi, oi! Mind the protective staff

Suzuki Impreza, a favourite of mine.

Rear Spoiler and Gold Alloys a treat.

Could do with wider wheels from the back.

S 600 Merc, highly under-rated nowadays

The Long front from the Limousine classes

Nothing outstanding about the back.

1st Lamborghini in Zambia; caused a stir!

Looks smoky inside, mate.

Great side profile, this car is so low.

Double Exhausts make for a heavy back.

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