World Gone Sad

Chorus- The world’s got so much fussing and fighting
Everywhere you look people cheating, people lying
Is there something that we can’t see
Where’s all the honesty

Verse 01

- People always ask has the world gone sad
No, I just think that the world’s gone sad
The rich get richer, the poor stay poor
On that basis there’s no chance of equality for sure
The west are still coming out with unfair trade practices
While in Africa we still suffer electric recesses
Production’s on the low, all our goods are made in Seoul
Employment consists of pulling out your begging bowl
- While unsafe factories continue polluting the Ozone layer
Governments leave there poor people with out a prayer
Now the weather keeps turning, forests keep burning
The fuel keeps burning, the weather’s still turning
We get floods, draughts, tsunamis n’ hurricanes from nowhere
But it seems only the poor suffer so who cares
While upper classes play political musical chairs
The rest are left to fight over the smaller shares.

Chorus- x 1

Verse 02

- I used to think this was the world gone sad
Now I just think that the world’s gone bad
The world population goes up each and every second
And there’s less land and resources for people to beckon
Governments use superficial reasons to start a war
And it seems most people only wanna know the score
Others consider this to be the final straw
That’s more terrorism and crime happening on the floor
- And no matter which news story you cover
It always seems to be the poor and innocent that suffer
And though slavery was bad it still happens to this day
Selling vulnerable people trying to make it anyway
In most cases, they’d probably sell themselves
Forced to prostitute there body for a little wealth
But when was the last time you heard any of these issues
The media still consider these air time misuse.

Chorus- x 1

Verse Monologue

80% of the world’s wealth is held by 15% of the World’s population
Probably the only 15% of the world that have bank accounts
And the same 15% that set up charities to give money back to the poor
But if we wanted the poor to have money, then what would we need charities for?

If we wanted the poor to have money then why would we pay for wars that create more poverty.
Probably the same 15% that own the businesses that pay us.
Probably the same 15% that run the media companies that control our information
Probably why we’ve never heard Styles MC before! Save the Planet! Save Ourselves.

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