Welcome To Zed

Chorus- So everyone’s fighting and nothing is fair
You can feel there intention in the blink of a stare
You have a pair don’t get lost in the air
Zed’s a new state you can get lost anywhere

Hook (Every 4 bars)- Welcome To Zed

Verse 1

- I’m from the land where life is super cheap
Pride and morals are the only thing steep
Hustling is nothing, everybody’s on the creep
Corruption is life the times are so deep
- I’m from the land where faggots run free
The only containable is a hostile MC
I tried to count the hustlas and only came out with three
That’s me, myself and I, together that’s Styles MC
- I’m from the land where you might kill your brother
The only thing worse is bumping an angry mother
I’m too good for both, can’t tell (between) one or another
Cause of these mummy’s boy, I do my work undercover
- I’m from the land where everthing’s slow n’
The problem is Styles MC’s a man on the go
It’s dry out here and I’m the only show
But somebody’s gotta keep the industry doe flowin’
- In this land only things sweet are girls and beer
Both can kill you, better off sober and queer
Most kids I come across have no respect or fear
And ladies are fast asses, that can cost you dear

Chorus- x 2

Verse 2

- Walking round wit a plan and my dick in my hand
It’s like a nuclear waste land the weather’s hard to stand
Zed pepo are spiteful in their resolution not to pay
They’re still stuck in the 80’s, won’t accept the new day
- It’s been two and half years and a whole bunch of tears
And still nothing I see eradicates my fears
This town is run by nothing but cheap suit gangstas
Scammers, liers, cheaters and bitch ass prangstas
- Those muthafuckers sending embassy kids to drug and rape me
Same muthafuckers jacking my PCs so they can escape me
Same muthafuckers paying the streets to steal all my files
That’s the tracks, the art, the scripts, my whole profile
- Same muthafuckers breakin’ my limbs cause I act to hard
Same muthafuckers sending corrupt cars to my yard
Same muthafuckers who keep cutting the power to my house
Same muthafuckers sending bitches to kill me with an AIDS douse
- Same muthafuckers inviting me out to scar up my face
Same muthafuckers chuckin’me out court case after case
Probably the same muthafuckers tryin’ to take my place
The same lame muthafuckers that won’t give up the chase

Chorus- x 2

Verse 3

- It’s a dirty town round here and nobody’s playing fair
Only measure of your strength is how many peeps you can scare
Goin’ to the local grocers is a case of mixamatoses
Keepin’ pots of the Nkozi’s warm with poison tea cozeys
- Every month they try give me public lice case
You can guess there favourite place they try to get me in the face
Stalking out my home like a local South African
They, Heat magazines, it’s like there chosen contraband
They substitute my pics for a bunch of big pricks (who look sick)
And put all my cloths on their ho- tastic chicks
That’s why I can’t even get a real video cam
Have you seen the way E! TV celebrities scram
That’ll account for the broken bones and scared face
Seems Styles MC caught himself a real police case.
Even threw me sum jail time to get me of the chase
They say a real PC for real work, this is not the place
Now I don’t know what’s really got people out there scared
The cult AIDS charities or my (stolen) condoms getting paired
The 24 year lie about the UN’s human sties
It’s crazy out there for all you girls and guys.

Chorus- x 2

I donno what kind of deals pepo out here were signing the last ten years but since I got back in 04, pepo just been trying to lose me, trying to convince the world that all my time in English private schools and colleges were wasted. That I can’t sing or dance or rap let alone produce. That I’m dum, that I don’t deserve a car, a house, a bank account, that I don’t even exist.
Now if that’s the case then who are all these clowns on TV, on the radio and yes even your governments. Who are they supposed to look like, talk like, act like.
I don’t know about you but to me they all look and sound a lot like Styles MC.


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