The Demo

Chorus- Mic Check, mic check, 1, 2, 1,2
Mic check, mic check (clear the sound)
Mic check, mic check, 1, 2, 1, 2
Mic check, mic check (and back to the old skool)

Verse 1

- Mic check, mic check one two, one two
Look who’s coming through it’s Styles MC wit a crew
Have a few albums thought I’d just let them stew
It’s all about BSE I have nothin’ to do
So once more I came through dropped it on the 1, 2
Add a little sticky glue it’s more like local brew
Pull up a stool it’s from water that we drew
And look out for the flue cause it’s just that cool
- I can do it anyway baby just name the play
4 steppin’ on the beat I’ll flow it anyway
I’ll be here all night, it’s gone be a long stay
Throw in a little jay I’m sure we’ll make it OK
Try to stay on track I hear a lotta pepo stray
If I sound like a bootleg then you’ve gone the wrong
I know what they say that’s it’s all in the suate
But leave it up to Styles I’m bound to make your day

Chorus- x 2

Verse 2

- So I’m like 27 on my way heaven
But no time soon, I got about eleven
Albums and about fifty two books
I know you think you got them, every time you stole a look
But I got my own case I keep in a safe place
When we’re done with the chase, I’ll be back on the race
Tryin’ to catch these rats who keep jackin’ my face
2 or 3 of these bangers and we’ll be back on base
- Besides the court cases it would be all good
They don’t like them here and they don’t like them in there hood
And with that understood I’m just doin’ what I should
They take me back to Africa instead of Hollywood
Not that they’re any good they loath me just the same
Did you know that George Clooney is know only by name
He gets his other half from bein’ part of the game
And you wonder who started the through Styles MC lane
Chorus- x 2

Verse 3

- So what more can I say I think you heard it all before
As soon as I drop an album you can catch me on tour
I’m done with this war catch me on the dance floor
Or check if you wanna know the score
If you wanna throw a beach party, clear the whole shore
Expect a few whales, sharks maybe a few saw
Call if you think you got a place I should explore
But I do charge for visits and don’t break the law
- Unless you pay double and know the local judge
Give him a single it ought to give him a nudge
But he might be Conservative and they don’t budge
Call around election time he might take a plundge
It’s all politicing like weaving and sticking
Like dealing and tricking, it’s all finger lickin’ chicken
Or whatever you eat or whatever you smoke
I got however you need I beg you take a toke

Chorus- x 2

Ha ha, it’s ‘The Demo’, Styles MC man. You know, ever since the Home Office kicked me out of England in 04 (on some bogus immigration charge), Mutha fuckers have been spoiling my vocals. Trying to steal all my files like they belong to some one else. Like R Kelly‘s gonna save you a Styles MC album, like Jay- Z can save you a Styles MC album and let’s not even talk about your local Boo Radleys, they can’t even speak let alone rap.
Are You Stupid or What.

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