Chorus- Turn up the radio, Styles MC’s on the ra ra radio
Turn up the radio, BSE’s running the ra ra radio

Verse 01

- Seems like I’m on the radio every time
Guess most people can’t wait to hear me rhyme
I’m a hetero guy, maybe a little shy
But I don’t know, that’s just how I get by
Straight up and to the right is how I fly
And all the pretty ladies wanna give Styles a try
Which is kinda funny to me, but I’ll still cash in the Pee
And keep smokin’ the trees, Whatever gets Styles free
- And still I’m just the same old Gee
Trying to get Styles TV on DVD
Separate me from Styles MC
It’s a character man, that bull shit’s all phoney
Bitching, hating and moaning man just ain’t me.
Mr. Lover Lover man, well that may be
I’m everywhere so many have tried to trace me
But how close in actuality your about to see
- Besides somebody told me I’m about to blow.
Houses, cars and plenty of doe
I’m talking good living man just like so
But I just started, let’s see where we go
If you really wanna know about the Styles flow
Then I think you better turn up the radio

Chorus- x 2

Verse 02

- I swear I’m on the radio every time
Seems most people can’t help but feel my shine
I’m a serious dude, maybe a little rude
But I just think I’m misunderstood
Trying to make it big as everybody should
Bright lights and cameras it all sounds good
Pretty girls in shiney pearls, I bet you would
I would try it all man if I could
- Matter of factly, Styles probably will
I’m bored and Jonny’s got time to kill
My plans are getting old and I’m young still
I’m thinking sex, drugs, rock plenty of thrills
Drama, romance whatever pays thee bills
I’m not fussed I got nothing but skills
I’d be silly if I didn’t ring some tills
Get all that out the way so I can just chill
Besides, somebody told me I’m about to blow
We’re talking TV, movies man I gotta go
Dancing and pranking, it’s all in the show
Man I tell you, you better turn up the radio

Chorus- x 2

Bridge- For 2 good TV that’s almost free
Tune in now to Styles TV

Verse 03

- I’m tired of being on the radio all the time
And this line here is fast becoming a whine
I’m a patient man with a hell of a plan
But all this waiting I just can’t stand
It’s time Styles MC got himself a band
Already drawn my lines in the sand
Next phase, to make a living off this brand
Looking for the money to buy me sum land
- Start a family before I get canned
Go on holiday, I’m looking undertanned
And still, I need to see Disney Land
I know it’s cheesy but I’m a super fan
So get ready to cope my new CD
Ya it rocks and hell no it ain’t free
This isn’t a charity and I damn sure need the money
I’m so lazy and you made me start my own company
But hell, somebody told me I’m about to blow
Movies and CDs man here I go
Styles TV on DVD, it’s all in the show
I’m so so, somebody turn up the radio

Chorus- x 2

DJ Voice Over- Ha ha, this is the Glad Hand DJ representing for BSE FM
Calming your bitch asses with another redition of Styles MC’s Radio. Now we’ve heard a lot about this guy, maybe this time we’ll hear something. God knows I don’t have anything to play.

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