Party Scenario

Chorus- We do this for the fun of it, that’s how we roll/ How we roll
Everybody in the party losing control/ Losing control
Dancing and Champagning happening everywhere/ Everywhere
Everybody acting like they don’t really care/ (hey don’t really care
- It’s Party Scenario, it’s a party scenario (BG over each line)

Verse 01

- Yup, that’s the party scenario
Vibe contagious like it’s venereal
High class crowd like it’s ministerial
Every time like it’s a cereal
Phenomenon, it goes on and on
Tunes blazing til everybody’s gone
And that like six in the morn
Everybody’s getting torn, everybody’s reborn
- Yes, that’s how it goes
All night is how the alcohol flows
Everybody on the floor throwing bows
Honeys working it and it really shows
Don’t care if they mess up there toes
We got fat butts shaking by the rows
How they manage it I really don’t know
But there doin’ it ad that’s how it goes

Chorus- x 2

Verse 02

- Well, who can really complain
Everybody’s getting lifted up to the next plain
Jumping around like gymnasts on cocaine
The whole damn club was going insane
We’re about to tear down the roof
Walls are shaking, tables and glasses are breaking
Like an Earth quake movie spoof
There goes another chandelier for proof
- It’s getting crazy in here
We’re about to run out of chairs
But every one’s dancing so who cares
They’re all getting drunk by the pairs
God knows who will make it home
I’m just tryin’ to stay in the zone
Not planning to leave here alone
Gotta find me a lady that’s grown

Chorus- x 2

Verse 03

- So everybody’s stepping, everybody’s repping,
Everybody’s cleppening, whatever’s happening
Whoever’s steppening and whatever’s pepain’
(Inhale), that’s the Party Scenario.
The gals are moving and the guys are grooving
The DJ’s fooling, the tunes are ruling
Whoever’s choosing, nobody’s losing
(well not me), that’s the party scenario
- Who knows what happens from here
I don’t think anybody really cares
There’s girls, there’s booze there’s chairs
And you say you wanna go where.
I’m thinking about staying right here
In fact I’m gonna grab another beer
No tears and have no fear
Best believe Styles will be right here

Chorus- x 2


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