Wake Up

Chorus- It' s another day, guess I better wake up
Got a whole list of drills, I gotta make up
Put on something load n' turn the tape up
Go look for some trouble to shake up

It' s fast world, brother better wake up
Better fix up, learn sumthin to fake up
Or make up, whatever gets the stakes up
You have dreams to fulfil, gotta wake up

Verse 1

- It' s nine in the morning better wake up
Wash my face and throw on some make up
Pack my stuff up n' head into town
See what' s up n' whose around
Where it's happenin n' whats goin' down
Who' s the action and what' s the sound
What got lost n' how it got found
Who' s runnin' free, n' what got bound
- No matter just tryna make the next round
On every corner there' s a clown
Everyone wondering how long you' ll be around
So they can take your spot, that' s how it goes down
I plan to be around for a while
Closing early is not my Style
You' ll never see the bottom of my pile
Styles older than a crocodile I' m just that vile

Chorus- x 2

Verse 2

- What' s next, what's next, what' s N E X T
It' s me Styles M to the mutha F in' C
Had some issues but johnny come lately
But' s it's worth it my entrance' s so stately
Heavy Weightly, flippin' on MCs Norman Bately
Knew so many that wouldn' t date me
Just wait til I' m getting paid for Styles MC
Rollin' 1 st class man, just like I used to be
- should have done it before but I was So lazy
Now I' m old my minds gone hazey
So I just make it up, pack stack n' take it up
With a bit of luck I' ll soon be stuck (with a little bit of luck)
Or unstuck, whatever your conduct
I' m more interested in the end product
If it can sell, i' m gone tell
then soon enough I' ll get my own Hotel

Chorus- x 2

Verse 3

- Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go
Gotta keep moving that' s all I know
To much time still makes you slow
I gotta get Styles MC to that show
That' s the only way this flow can go
I' m to doe not to go pro
And to pro, not to stack doe
Some say it' s the face, i believe it' s the flow
Losing my looks is the only way we' ll know
God forbid, that never happen
Not to be rude but I' m still standing
bout to score in a ten point landing
Or 9.9 whatever beats your time
I didn't just come down here to rhyme
I came here to climb, I came here to shine
I came for what' s mine n' to me that' s fine

Chorus- x 2

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