The Mission

Chorus- To be on top of the world is my mission
The lightsto the whole globe is what I' m switching
Life styles of the rich and famous is what I' m pitchin'
Sceams,teams and dreams is what I' m stitchin'

Verse 1

- The mission is to gert around the world in 80 ways
Right now it don' t so matter about the days
I got time, so I just write rhymes
Make up a few tunes, while I smoke dimes
Write a few books, right now I' m working on my memiors
I think I'll call it the life and times of a superstar
Thiw superstar, that superstar there all this superstar
To keep up with myself I had to buy a faster car
- From nowhere in no time, I' ve come so far
I' m everywhere catch me proping up your local bar
Or tryin' to lower your local golf club par
I' m the Nigerian looking fellow at dinner askin' how far (echo)
I try to make it a little further everyday
Only yesterday man, I didn' t even play
Now everywhere I go we do things my way
And I don' treally care man, I' m just Okay

Chorus- x 1

Verse 2

- The mission is to make as much money as possible
How ever which way I like the odds of improbable
I can turn the impossible into logical
My way of thinking is so chemical it' s methodical
Make you think you' d known it all before like 'Total Recall'
Common sense seems to become your every obstacle
With my mental octopus you can' t escape the tentacles
Your powerless your body ceases like a vegetable
- Bright lights in your vision like you witnessed the incredible
And though I call myself an MC
Still go from town to town searchin' for big green like Mr. Magee ("Have you seen him ...)
From the balance in my aura you can tell it' s me
I' m big cheesing like some fine highland brie
Funkin out the place like were smoking Jamaican trees
Probably are, that' s our car, what d' you know there' s the bar
Causes of the stresses of life I try not to go so far

Chorus- x 1

Verse 3

- The mission is to make the mask disappear
Makin' random appearances through out the year
Not knowing when or how is the source of fear
Keep the ground to your ear n' listen out for the cheer
In one blind second eveerything becomes clear
My lyrics split through your heart like a spear
Bout to turn my closet into the launch of Styles Wear
I' m all over you like white on a Polar bear
- It' s Styles MC the protector of the earth
Valued worth his weight in gold since birth
My Style of living is like so church
If your looking for the meaning of life call of the search
Only point of existance is to survive
Keep ducking n' weaving n' try to stay alive
Sooner or later everybody takes the dive
But how much were you really worth to the rest of the hive

Chorus- x 1

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