Studio Gangsta

Chorus- Stu, Stu, Studio gangsta.
Stu, Stu, Studio gangsta.
Stu, Stu, Studio gangsta.
Stu, Stu, Stu, Stu, Stu, Stu, gangsta.

Verse 1

- It goes one key, two key, three key, four.
All packed n styles is knocking at your door
Play hating bitches better hit the floor
Ladies go hit the condom store.
This is the start of another street war (machine gun fire)
Don' know if you heard but I' m hardcore
Just came out to settle a score
but I doubt this' ll b emy only tour
- Was humble way before the game
Now it' s kinda hard for Styles to act the same
Everybody seems to sound so lame
Why the hell they tryin' to keep Styles MC tame (lion roar)
Don' t know what their missing, it' s a crying shame
Until I decide to bust through the frame.(broken glass)
Take over this racket make a whole packet
Keep stashi' til I run outta room to stack it
- Until I make the top tax bracket
But I won' t pay, it' s just for the jacket
Maybe a golf club membership
Doesn' t matter it' s all under censorship
Part of being with connected peoples
This ought to ensure a few more sequals
N' still I don' t see no equals
Me n' my crew are like the only chicos

Chorus- x 1

Verse 2

- Some still don' t know about Styles MC
I'm who you heard everytime you heard somebody
Ya muthafucker that' sme
The MC you love to envy, can' t test so you stress me
But the lord God above kepps blessin' me
So I' ll keep running til I ' m written up in history
How long intelligence been a felony
Charm, good- looks, integrity an ill remedy
- That' sounds kinda weak mon ami
Infact to me, smells more like jealousy
So keep firing, your never getting me
My will belongs to no particular embassy.
I' m trying to see whole globe, where every robe,
I guess that's just what they call bold
It' s no matter, inconsequential chit- chatter.
Let' s just wait for the tail end batter.
- Then you' ll better understand the whole matter
Of how one young innocent rapper
Came in just to make his own name
N' wound up affecting the whole game
People got shook even when I planned it
Now I' m here I think they really can' t stand it
And still I don' t quite understand it
Quit getting mad, you know who the man is.

Chorus- x 1

Verse 3

- For a long time you heard me around
Now I' m here to take a stake in this town
You think I'm crazy I know how it sounds
But I' ve already read the bones on the ground
Straight from the mouth of my spiritual healer
He said Styles you' ll be a big dealer
It' all sounds like mumbo jumbo
Til you see big names taking a tumble
- This is gonna be a right royal rumble
And you wonder why I' m far from humble
Styles has been nothing but trouble
Just sit and watch the gear bubble
You already know it' s gone run the streets
I guess it' s about my time to eat
My turn to take the front seat
It' s as logical as any drum beat
- Doe,doe, doe ya that' s pete
So fast you' d think that I had to cheat
Ya, no I think I' m just known
You see why when I step in the zone
Your body quivers at the sound of my tone
I didn' t have to take it people gave me the throne
It' s not sumthin I would condone
But either way i got the biggest bone.

Chorus- x 1

Close- It goes one key, two key , three key, four.
If you ain' t on the team, you better head for the door
Five key, six key, seven, eight
Styles the only one in this town pushing weight.
That' s without debate. (echo)

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