Make Love All Night

Chorus- Come out and spend the night with me
All the places we can be
All the people that we' ll see
Then make love all night

Come out and see what we can do
Book a night out for two
Baby just me and you
We' ll make love all night

Verse 1

- It' s been a week or two
What' s uo with me and you
There something we should do
I know feelin' it too
- There' s somewhere we should go
Let' s let this passion flow
Baby, let' s start the show
Your love I gotta know
- I' ll treat you like I should
Do everything I could
Show you around my hood
Like nobody else would

Chorus- x 1

Verse 2

- I' ll take you everywhere
You name it I don' t care
We' ll be a helluva pair
Make everybody stare
- We' ll be the talk of the town
The cause of what' s goin' down
Why everyone is around
You like how that sounds
- baby, you' ll be a star
Known at every bar
We can go so far
Just take a ride in my car

Chorus- x 1

Verse 3

- there' s so much for us to see
All the places we can be
Just tell me you' ll be free
We' ll make love all night
- I' ll be like your best friend
This love will never end
On me you can depend
We' ll make love all night
- This just feels so right
You and me so tight
Holdin' hands while i recite
We' ll make love all night

Chorus- x 1

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