How We Roll

Chorus- Smoke All Day (Y' know Styles don' t play)
That' s how we roll
Rhyme all night (that' s how we get right)
That' s all we know

Chorus (Bridge)- Now let me see you Kwasa, kwasa, kwasa (Dombole, dombole, dombole)
Kwasa, kwasa, kwasa (Dombole, dombole, dombole)
Kwasa, kwasa, kwasa (Dombole, dombole, dombole)
Kwasa, kwasa, kwasa (Dombole, dombole, dombole)

Verse 1

- Rollin' through your town smoking like ze rasta (BG echo)
Thing are to slow we're trying to make it faster
Reading you the times like a news caster
More sway, more play from the drunken master
We keep it live, that' s how we survive
We' re still moving , that' s how strive
Duckin' in weavin' cause trouble is rife
If you play good you might just catch a wife
Keep your eye on the road watch how you drive
Gotta make it through to the next scene
It' s boring back there don' t ask me what I've seen
It 's too many places don' t ask me where I' ve been
Just know when we cum, we arrive clean
lean, mean n' part of the Styles team
Fit with wit that' s how we get the cream
Coming through looking like an African dream
Tellig ladies you' re my African Queen ('You are my African Queen')
My stare like my hair shining like sheen
But what I really wanna know is who' s got the green

Chorus- x 1

Verse 2

- Just chillin' under the African sun, (yes)
It' s no wonder nothing gets done
There' s music, beers everythingis fun
Just sent the butler on another beer run
Here' s a few shillings for your pocket sun
Come knock off time I know he' s getting done
Donno how you do it but they can' t afford rum
What ever gets you singing de- dadi dadi dum
- Whatever gets you through another day
Killing time is easy just find another way
If the scene' s not happening find another play
Bring some ladies for an overnight stay
Link up, drink up have another jay
We're still enjoying let the beer spray
I' m still hungry bring another tray
These jams are banging where' s my TDK
- Throw the girls in, we' ll have a display
Shake your ass like your dancing for Papa Wenge
And tomorrow we can do the replay
And check, today' s only Wednesday

Chorus- x 1

Verse 3

- (Smoke all day) d' you know another way
Living the chill life is how I' ll stay
Rhyming all night styles sound alright
I' m unseen, mwana out of site
Gotta show the world that' s why I write
So they feel my plight, so they know who' s right
Til they see the feet loose and the arms tight
Been barking for too long, let them feel the bite
- You' re too boringcould it be of spite
I have some smoke here pass me the light
Let get somethings jumping around town
If there' s girls and alcohol you bet I' ll be around
Stalking, looking for what trouble can be found
Watching the DJ making sure he' s playing the right sound
Sizin' up the weight of his stash by the pound (whatever)
It' s always a party when Styles is around
- Dancing and pranking is how I get down
A playboy MC is why I' m renowned
Stancing and franking is how I get down
At the biggest party in town is where I' m found

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