Chorus- Groove, groove, jump back x 8

and move it like that x 4 (over Groove,...)

Verse 1

- Living up the club on pro plus
Clearing the dance floor that' s us
Screaming up the bar for a fuss
All the girls love it when I cuss
That' s no doubt Styles MC
Go ahead act like you don' t know me
I see you wondering how I got free
Hoping that the bar don' t serve tea
- Just came out for a bit of fun
Get down til the up of the sun
Test the legs and see how they run
Pick up the girls or two before I' m done
Do it every weekend like a re-run
Crushing more ladies than Quixote or Don Juan
But don't wanna be a player no more
Well that' s what I say at the door
- But as soon as I get on the floor
Bouncers already know the score
That' s why they get numbers at the door
Knowin' Styles can't keep his ass on the wall

Chorus- x 1

Verse 2

- Grooving is how we working the club
Boggling to some reggae dub
Looking for some girls to grind and rub
Just wait til I get you back in my tub
Ya baby, that ass is so fat
Go ahead and shake it like that
36, 24, 34 stat
Let' s see you move it like that
- I think I found another putty cat
Looks like Styles is going out to bat
I say we make a home run
Trust me cutey we' ll both have fun
Let' s hit the bar and drop a ton
Pull out some green and roll another one
To pass you up, I' d be crazy
I' m loving that body let' s go make babies
- Right now, I forget all my ladies
Your intoxicating beauty got me hazey
I know it may only look like a maybe
But do you think I' ll get to sex you lately

Chorus- x 1

Verse 3

- My presence bounces through the club like trance
Thats why everbody' s doin' my dance
Havin' mad fun is like my only stance
Groovin' all night til I sweat up my pants
That' s in between my time at the bar
Vibing the club like a rock star
Keepin' the naughty girls on Par
If ur nice Daddy might buy you a car
Good looks will only take you so far
Thats why Styles became a rap star
Ya, I see you doing my groove
Ya, I like how your body moves
This bunny looks so smooth
man, it really can' t be the youth
This girl really knows how to rhyme
Like she's from another life time
A mind like that with looks so fine
Definitely looks like another of mine
Something about her shine
I think we' ve got another on line

Chorus- Repeat to End

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