Ghost Stories

Chorus- He’s/ I’ve been heard everywhere but never there
You can feel the/ my presence through the air.
Fact from fiction is impossible to tell/ Fact to fiction is all part of the sell
Either one can make a helluva sale/ Well, I think it’s time you heard Styles MC tell.

Verse 01

- Was once this boy about five years old.
Some one figured out he’s worth his weight in gold.
Handsome, talented and incredibly bold.
Charming and funny were the stories thatwere told
Said he wanted to be a football star
Most could probably see him making it that far
By age 10 he was studying at the best schools in England.
For him a new culture that took time to understand.
- On the sports field he controlled the game.
But in the class room some still found him a pain
He was hard to understand, who could you blame
Personally I just think that he couldn’t stand the rain.
He started getting into books, writing and drama.
But still couldn’t stand the music of Bananarama
Not your regular rebellious teen.
Just his voice would make a helluva scene
- At 13 he moved on to a bigger school
A smaller fish swimming in a much bigger pool.
By his brother’s rep he was known to be cool
But by some staff still considered to be a fool.

Chorus- x 1

Verse 02

- My character brewed, my wardrobe grew
Listening to more Hip Hop like the Wu
Started chillin with cousins and a south London crew
This all trouble to the people who knew
By age sixteen I was really into music
Liked playing tracks so I thought I would use it
Started DJing anytime I was at home
Busting a few rhymes anytime I was in the zone
- Hitting the club scene anywhere I was around.
If there’s was girls and alcohol Styles Could be found.
Butting still schooling and still ruling
Still on the sports field doing his fooling.
I finished Advanced Level in the year of 98
Returned back to Zed for a sixth month break
Was still DJing and Girl paging
Dangerous Guy convinced him to try something engaging
- So I decided to pick up the Mic
A pen and a pad n’ started to recite.
A few weeks later were on the radio
Abou to go on Zambia’ biggest talent show.

Chorus- x 1

Verse 03

- We came third but heard was the word
That they really should have been at the head of the herd
On the side worked the office for the local BMW
Saw a few cars, some I maybe drew.
Returned back to London to study a degree
Quickly established myself as a playboy G
All around campus, I was known
And still managed to get all his work in alone.
- Then I moved off campus and money became scarce
Soon came the reduction in my wears.
I dropped out of school just to get by
But still, I couldn’t catch a fly.
Going from job to job I did it all
Labouring and office work whatever was on call
But still couldn’t find anything maintaining
I’m afraid the weather was always raining
- So I decided to do my own thing
Marketing, promotion, whatever I could brin
Supposed to have got some help but it went all wrong
Something about the red lights that’s why I’m going long.

Chorus- x 1

Bridge- Then suddenly I reappear on the map,
Turns out I was stuck in London tryin’ to rap
I gather I’m still fighting the conservatories
But you’ll here, I’ve got a new album called Ghost Stories

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