D’ You Like

Chorus- Do you waana ride wit me,
Get high wit me
Hit the dance floor
Then maybe maybe home and lie wit me

D’ You like, D’ You Like
I’ll love you all night

Verse 01

It’s a firday night in June
Must be a full moon
Cause all the guys are out
And all the pretty ladies is what were all about
Just let it go with the flow
Shake your hips while we grind real slow
Don’t need to worry about where this will go
The look in your eye says you already
So all the players shout
And all the ladies push it out
If you like and you feeling the flow
Let it show, let it show, let it show

Chorus- x 2

Verse 02

Girl, you know I’ll be your one and only
Well, I mean from now until the morning
I love the way your body is moving
I’m so diggin’ your sexy show n’ prove
Gotta let me know just who your choosing
Your one thing I won’t stand losing
You outstand all these girls grooving
Got me out here singing the blues n’
Stroking your hair while we go cruising
The smell of you has a brother woozin’
I’m foot loose and fancy free
Come and spend the night with me

Bridge- Ohhh, when your spinning my world starts turning
There’s no way to deny this yearning
For you, there’s no limit to what I would do
It’s cool, I’m your fool, tell me what you want me to do.

Verse 03

Baby girl, this is your night
It’s your move let’s make it right
Your attitude is so out of sight
And that lil’ outfit is way to tight
I can’t seem to hold back this feeling
Way your shaking it got everybody reeling
Your game is just straight up dealing
Got me thinking how many bases I’m stealing
Don’t mean to sound to bold
But let’s get this show on the road
Don’t care about what you’ve been told
Your sexy body I gotta hold

Chorus- x 2

Rap Verse

We can do it anyway that you please
Legs in the air or on your knees
My physical love will make you wheeze
Just me and you lets go make babies
Be like gentlemen and ladies
I wanna taste your strawberry
All night we’ll keep it merry
Rocking like we’re on a ferry
Ecstacy I’ll take you there
You can scream baby I don’t care
On the table or in a chair
It’ll be like nothing to compare
You will be begging for more
Sound like we’re breaking the law
On the bed, on a rug or on the floor
I think we’ll be needing an encore.


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