Another Styles Adventure

Verse (Complete)

Styles Intro- Styles MC on the MIC
What's it gonna be you or me

Styles Verse- Chillin' at home feeling good feeling fine
Watching TV drinking another fine wine
It' s better TV I' m enjoying my time
When (Ring) there goes my mobile line
I answer 'Styles, Who is it?'
"Don' t matter just thought I' d give you some business"
I grab a note pad; 'where, when and how?'
"It' s all in an Email just keep a low profile
- He hung up so fast I had to press redial
All I heard was a female voice say smile
The email said I hd to be in town by eight
The clock on the wall said there was no time to wait
So I rolled another spliff and made for the gate
Checked the mirror, Styles your looking great
Stepping down the street in my lyric proof vest
All the passing ladies staring at my chest

- Kinda curious aren' t we, why yes.
It' s the Styles MC I guess
cause of a lot a curtain twitching and distress
Playa hater bitchin' and all that mess
but it' s kinda hard to fade Styles MC
I would suggest that most come join me
But ain' t got no time for no F ing Fugazis
I' m all about the real men and real ladies
- Just then I see sum youths tryna rhyme
Looking at my watch ya I got sum time
This outta be sum fun lets see the legs run
Which one of you so called MC' s is getting done
They turn around n' said "you your not the one"
Styles is the only one round here getting done
(beat change)
Dealing with Styles MC, what' s it gonna be
It can be either death or victory
- Give the same choice to all that challenge me
Been known to destroy MC' s indiscriminately
This will be just another addition to my medley
As smooth as silk and incredibly deadly
I could drop all these bombs and it wouldn 't upset me
What' s the world to me most people haven' t met me
Don' t upset me, I kick like Jet Li
Now go tell your friends you' ve met me
- In a flash of lighning I was gone
On a bus into town where it' s on
As usual nobody seems in a hurry
I' m jumping from the effects of last night' s curry
Half an hour later we turn into town
The streets were dead nobody was around
I got of the bus n' headed for the Dome
Back in the day this used to be my home
- The bouncer recognised me and let me in
He said Styles we need a big win
Headed to the bar to get me sum gin
Examined the state the club was in
The room was quite nobody causing riot
Some one must have put these phat beats on a diet
Chargin' 20 pin at the door and such scams
Now the DJ' sjust playing slow jams
- Then sum lame MC claimed he was rhyming
But I looked closer the kid was just miming
(The bridge)
Someone had to take matters into hand
So I started to approach the stand
The room went quite every one was looking
Sniffing the air like something was cooking
Looking like some one's getting a booking
This is criminal
(Bridge Close)
- I spun first with a Hip Hop beat
Everybody got the hell up out their seat
Then dropped a lickle sumthin' for the street
All de Gal were whining to the beat
Then I start to scratch it up Styles MC was mashing up
Before long the whole damn club was crashing up
Everyone was cheering, everyone was staring
The DJ knew there was no comparing
- He decided to make for a quick escape
he popped the deck and grabbed his mix tape
Then started to make for the back door
I threw my mix in and headed for the floor
Sure I would cut him off in the parking lot
Then I see his car sitting in my spot
As soon as I got close I threw him a card
Now he' s taking lessons at my yard.
(Verse Close)
- Styles MC on another day
ask around the way they' ll say the kid don' t play
( Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Check the next episode)

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