Another One Dead

Chorus- After all, when it's all been done and said
This guy/ girl here is just another one dead
And still I have to spell it out and write it out in lead
To hope I never have to see another one dead

Verse 1

- A Long time ago when I was about three
There came this disease called HIV
Sexually transmitted but wrose than any STD
This one meant death was well, um gauranteed
Time is what decided between the inevitability
Back then you only ever heard about a few
Nowerdays they teach about it in about every school
If you don't follow the safe sex code ur a fool
- But there's alwasy atleast one I believe is the rule
There' s millions, but I'll just talk about one or two
You know the guys, who think safe sex isn't cool
N' the fresh girls, goin around using their body like a tool
Ya, you probably knew a few in your crew
sexin' everywhere like this AIDS thing isn' t true
I guess governments played it down til this whole thing blew
Now it' s outta control I think the whole world is screwed
- I knew this girl, used to drive around on a ped
Loved cloths so used to sleep with guys for her bread
She messed up n' wound up in the wrong bed
And ended up counting her T-Cells instead.

Chorus- x 1

Verse 2

- I think this whole situation' s outta hand
There' s so many infected n' still most don' t understand
I blame the 'It I' ll never happen to me' mantality
But I' ve heard enough stories that crush that fantasy.
You don' t need to sleep around to catch a dose
Most don' t know or tell if their a host
Having an STD is hardly something to boast
It just takes one shot n' your as good as toast
- I ran into this girl I knew back in 5th Grade
A real innocent church girl is the role that she played
Started seein' this rich boy , house n' car all paid
Agreed he' d mary me, she thought she had it all made
I mean, I had a crush on this girl way back in school
But if she was happy I was happy. It was cool.
Then I' m at this house party man, chillin' by the pool
N' there's this guy all over this girl, ya the same fool.
- My friend was like that' sjust how he is all the time
A different girl for every twirl, that' s just his shine
Sure enough he caught the dose and passed it my girl' s way
Give or take 2 or 3 years, we were at her funeral the other day

Chorus- x 1

Verse 3

- There' s like 25 million infected in this world
N' still some peopleact like they ain' t heard
Most of those are in Africa it' s silly out there
N' still some' s attitudes are like nothing that compares
N' then when' sit' sall done and said
Those people there are just some more people dead
N' still I have to spell it out n' write it out in lead
To hope I never have to hear another one dead
- I knew guys who had unprotected sex like it's no issue
Sexin' more times a week than I used Pro- Tools
Like that, its kinda hard for AIDS to miss you
You're better off goin' home with a box tissues
They just laugh n' say whatever man, fuck you
I' ve been doin' this shit dogg, way since the old skool
This is like my God given man' s tool
N' sexin' girls, that' s just how man rules
Now, the body count goes up each and every day
Every other month it' s someone around the way
I' ve read so many funeral flyers I don't know what to say
N' still people act like everything' s Okay
It' s like a bunch of bodies runnin' around without a head
Why don' t we try putting this AIDS issue to bed
But still I have to spell it out, write it out in lead
To hope I never have to see another one dead

Chorus- x 1

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