Break Out

Loop (vocal)- Break Out


It’s too fast,
Or too slow,
Just shut up
Just shut up

Verse 01

Can go here, don’t go there, we don’t share, it’s all fair.
Don’t have time, you can’t rhyme, we all mime, it’s just fine.
Move it out, the only route, can’t scream and shout, we stay about.
It’s our zone, follow the tone, can’t get a loan, dig up a bone.

Chorus- x 3

Verse 02

The very life, we thrive on strife, go get a wife, or take the dive.
No quality, can’t get a key, no privacy, bad ministries.
Can’t get a job, no maize on cob, to steal and rob, go join the mob.
It’s all the same, I go you go insane, we all end up in pain, just gotta maintain.

Verse 03

Can’t get a seat, you don’t eat, got two left feet, little off beat.
To get along, just light a bong, maybe a song, there’s nothing wrong.
Keep it on ease, you gotta please, it’s for the cheese, maybe it’s for the trees.
Can’t go to fast, let’s make it last, stuck in the past, another outcast.

Chorus- x 3

Styles MC and BSE, gotta get free, you know we gotta be.
Repeat X 4


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