Rockstar (Bad Boy mix)

Styles MC Verse

- Rollin' around in my millionaire car
Styles MC is repping it star
actin' a fool n' tearin up the bar
on the speed chase me na care how far
inciting the place know they all want war
just jackin' a case know they all gone spar
perfectin' my swing gotta keep it on par
got a saturday night fever like Travolta
- but we all just wanna be bad boys
running about town with millionnaire toys
tryna fix deals wit millionnaire ploys
chasing super model skirt all for the joys
cause it' s all rock n' roll when you got this voice
just walkin' around actin' like you got a choice
in n' out every scene screamin' out a- hois
is that the grammies let me check the noise

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