On The House Beat Intro


- It's another BSE Album, 2008
but you guessed, were still held up in africa
with people sitting on my payments
my website money transfers getting lost in America
Industry celebrities on the line asking are we going or not
Politicians and state media are still tryna block my shit
Acting like they ain't heard, we' re in Zambia they wanted Zimbabwe
But I got albums to drop and films to make
This is to help raise funds for some HIV/ AIDS awareness films
by Bomb Shelter Entertainment studios. I hope you can make it.

Rap Verse

- Look out it's another BSE production
these peeps are tryna keep my studio under construction
but we takin' it to the street cause brothas have gotta eat
You can' t block me website forever you F'ing cheat
Keep it on the house beat n' throw in sumthin for the industry
Nevermind Dre and Madonna check out Styles MC
It's the remix that's got your wifey turning tricks
more addictive than porno flicks I suggest you get your licks

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