Mek Me Hot (BS mix)

Styles MC Verse

- Gal you na your styles does a make me hot
love the sexy way that you whine that bot
I' ll check you everyday cause I always get a tot
My queen takes me there n' I never catch the rot
call her ever night cause you na I been got
You can' touch the way she be rollin' up my pot
I guess I' m in love my guess maybe not
If cupid was stupid then guess I been shot
- It' s all the passion don' question the fashion
believe she gets paid when I get my cash on
We' re tourin' major cities from Paris to London
Check cause that's how it's done
N' that' s how we bun, so honey give it a run
No doubt the money' s good n' the living' s all fun
from the up of the sun, watch us catch another tonne
for sure this BS is sumthin' you can' shun.

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