I Want You (BSE Groove mix)

Styles MC Verse

- I want you to do what you do
To keeep it old skool (n') hold it when I cum through
I want you, to keep up a scene
to toke my green, sex kkeep it clean
I want you, to be my friend
sum one to depend and count my ends
I want you, like season rains
like summer plains no matter the strains
- If you want I' ll keep it cool
All year long I' ll be your fool
do the park right after skool
kissin' in n' out the pool
I just wanna make you mine
girl you know you look so fine
I just had to write this rhyme
hope to get a lickle whine
- Take you out like any time
don' t speak I can read the signs
chattin' under palm tree pines
I know how you love my lines.

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