He Loves Me (Drummer Boy mix)

Styles MC Verse

- I love my little drummer boy on the beat
with full house recitals you can't catch a seat
If I can' t get a deal then you know i' m gone cheat
And since this is my party then you know i' m gone treat
Not just anybody almost everybody
It' s organised crime cleaning money like Gotti
I' m living on the edge so don' t get naughty
cause I' m not dying young tryna retire at forty
- but that's 5, 10, 15 albums down the line
And until then I' m living just fine
rolling forever young tryna catch my shine
avoiding the pitfalls in this life of mine
I' ll get an album every one, a book for every two
a movie for every three cause that' s BSE
have Styles to keep it cool, ofcourse I went to skool
just give me your money I' ll know what to do

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