Guilty Conscience (Not Guilty mix)

Styles MC Verse

- So I hear voices my head that say I'm better of dead
but I' d rather grab a pen and pad n' burn of sum lead
throw out those old rags get a new plan instead
call my ex- girlfriend put those old issues to bed
since I can't get a deal I' m a start my own label
and put a helluva end to this Styles MC fable
get myself hooked up to some digital cable
and see how many of your defences I can disable
- do a couple movies, I got a few reels
I' ve been doin this my whole life so you know I got skills
I gotta get out this rut man I can' t pay bills
I be coming up shorter than the company tills
I got rhymes for days I shoud hook up a couple of shows
It' s only a matter of time before my profile blows
then monies, dummies and homeys man you know how it goes
Your a richer nigger gotta tighten up your flows
- but I' m not guilty that's why I stay filthy
rich, voidin' the ditch stacking up realty


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