Escapade (Stylin' 08 mix)

Styles MC Verse

- Come with me on an escapade
let's exploit all the best plans laid
Your number 1 on the list when a brother gets paid
I loved the game so yes I played
Always to win but never to sin
I could have love letters filling up your bin
Something to remember like your first gin
So let's let the lovemaking begin
- Up market to Soho where you wan' go
We' ll be like Bonnie n' Clyde chasing doe
just let it slide we' ll catch the show
come ride wit' me n' hold this blow
were gone take the streets go toe to toe
I' m rather limited on plans at the mo
I' m just bouncin' with it goin' with the flow
so either were packin' or jackin' the whole store.



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