Bedrock (Rock Eddy Vocalis mix)


- So I'm just on this beat tryna get my bys beddy
go cope my remix I call it the rock eddy

Styles MC Verse

- Watch me buss' a flow, just so you know
how Styles MC be mashing da show
how BSE be coping that doe
don' t know, don' t watch my stroll
blown dice, don' t watch my roll
just pay the toll n' rock n' roll
don' t watch how I smoke my draw
just grab a seat n' take a bowl

- Since I got up this scene gotta keep it hard core
there' s no rappers left Industry standard' s kinda poor
but I' m spending hard on the scene tryna get myself a tour
Styles MC n' BSE coming to your dance floor
shakin' up your home n' makin' you lose your dome
funkin' up your living room keepin' you in the zone
it' s Styles I know you heard that tone
I ain' t seen no clones so I guess I' m all alone

- So just bare wit me n' we' ll break free
no degrees, just Qs n' Ps
Roll wit I, I' ll take you there
they can' t compare n' it's not fair
Repeat x 1



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